MeVisLab Community

The MeVisLab Community project provides add-on modules that extend the functionality of the MeVisLab software. All modules provided here are distributed as open-source software and maintained by the MeVisLab developer community.

Source Code

The MeVisLab Community source code is managed in a central Subversion repository hosted on The latest version of the project's trunk can be checked out with the following instruction set:

svn co svn:// mevislabmodules

Attention: The SVN URL has changed (due to a SourceForge update performed 2012-09-17). Use svn relocate svn:// (or svn switch --relocate in older versions) to update your checkout metadata.

In order to build the MeVisLab Community source code, you need the MeVisLab Software Development Kit (SDK) which can be downloaded for free from the MeVisLab website.


Continuous builds of the MeVisLab Community repository were discontinued (for technical reasons). Please tell us (e.g. in the forum) if you miss them.

Getting Help

Please refer to the Doxygen-generated documentation or post your questions in the public discussion forum. General information on using MeVisLab and on building MeVisLab modules can be found on the MeVisLab website.


The MeVisLab Community project is a collaborative effort by the following institutions:

Leiden LKEB Erasmus MC KU Leuven ETH Uni Magdeburg DKFZ ISI/UMC Utrecht Fraunhofer MEVIS MeVis Medical Solutions

Further contributors are highly welcome. In order to join the development, just contact to get write access to the repository.

License & Policies

Most of the MeVisLab Community source code is released under the BSD license which allows both free distribution and commercial use. New modules are generally advised to adopt this license as well.

Due to library dependencies, some of the MeVisLab Community source code has to be distributed under the LGPL license which allows free distribution with more restrictive conditions. For simplicity, all MeVisLab Community source code is expected to be published under either of both licenses.

Please consider the following policies when adding code and data to the repository: